Q&A with Dennis Wightman

Hey Revelation Members! We need your feedback for our Las Vegas Tour! We will be meeting with Dennis Wightman of ATM (Head of Design & Sales) on Thursday, April 20th! We would love to be prepared and send Dennis our top 10 questions that you would like to see answered! This will help facilitate our time with him, and keep things running on time! Please post your questions below! If you will not be attending our Vegas Tour, and are still curious about implementing aquariums into your designs, feel free to post your questions below, and we will make sure we get them answered for you! Thanks Members!

Upcoming Event

Register at www.tributaryrevelation.com/ Spring Quarter APRIL- Las Vegas A huge THANK YOU to our Sponsors; Structure Studios and Fire by Design for hosting us in Las Vegas, NV A special THANKS to Acrylic Tank Manufacturing for hosting an exclusive event for Tributary! Stay Tuned for photos from our 1st Tour. MAY- Webinar Launch! Details coming soon JUNE- Carlsbad, CA and Mexico Oceanside Glass Tile Tour has VERY LIMITED spots available! Pleas contact us ASAP if you wish to be included! A Passport is REQUIRED! SUMMER QUARTER Webinar Episodes Summer Sales Event Splash Party FALL QUARTER Arizona Tour Southern California Tour Florida Event WINTER QUARTER Tributary Revelation Annual Event Texas Tour

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