From Backyard to Destination

For more than two decades, Vickers Pools of the Southeast has expanded beyond the geographical boundaries of its name, helping people all across the United States, from Alabama to Colorado – and beyond, to places like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico – stay cool during sweltering summers, where heat hangs in the air like laundry on a line.

Jason Vickers, along with his wife, Tiffany, grew up in Birmingham, and the family now lives in Vestavia Hills with their daughter. To Vickers designing, building and installing pools is more than just making space for water in a hole in the ground: It’s about making his clients’ dreams a reality, he says combining the clients’ aesthetic with the company’s more******************

“I think we have unique product that is redefining the outdoor living space,” Vickers said. “Each time I meet with a new client I learn about their vision, it’s my goal to bring each client’s vision into fruition. We transform backyards into a point of destinations.”

To help those visions become reality, Vickers utilizes the tradition of excellence his company has built and combines it with new technologies – “merging two elements that are polar-opposite in form,” he says, adding that it’s exciting to be combining that technology with design and artisanal materials new to the Birmingham scene.

A recent project utilized both aquatic and pyromatic features, something that Vickers noted needed special combination of features.

“There is cutting-edge technology and innovation that goes in to a properly functioning combination of water and fire,” he said. “There is something special in merging the two and creating a space like no other.”

But he adds he know he couldn’t complete these projects alone, and contributes much of his success to those he works with.

“One thing that sets Vickers Pools of the Southeast apart is my team,” Vickers said. “I have employees that I’ve trained, and they work with me to see each project through to completion. My team has been with me every step of the way.”

Vickers Pools, a member of the prestigious groups such as Genesis Design Group, Inc., and Tributary Revelations, has completed projects in locations as varied as community recreation centers and luxury resorts. They even designed, built and installed the Naval Diver Training Facility of the NAS Naval Air Base in Pensacola, Florida.

In the end, though, Vickers said he has a special place in heart for his hometown Birmingham. Two of Vickers Pool’s most recent developments are in Mountain Brook (home of Jeff Smith) and Vestavia Hills (home of Dr. Robin Pruitt Jr.) – both projects received worldwide recognition in September 2017, Vickers and nine others from across the globe were chosen to be a part of the International Design and Architectural Awards ceremony in London.

“After designing and building pools from California to the U.S. Virgin Islands and in-between,” Vickers said, “I can honestly say that there is nothing like working in your hometown.”