Proactive Pool Care the Orenda Way

By Eric Knight

Orenda has become known in the aquatics industry thanks to years of hard work, educational videos and articles, and an easy-to-use mobile app. Orenda does not just answer “what” to do to a pool, or “how” to do it. Orenda explains “why”.

A simple, yet fundamental philosophy about water chemistry and pool care drives the company. That philosophy is proactive pool care, without chemical conflicts or harmful, long-term byproducts left behind.

Proactive pool care can be boiled down to The Four Pillars. They are:

  • LSI Balance and Calcium Management
  • Organic Waste and Carbon Management
  • Phosphate Removal
  • Minimal Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

Think about the most common problems that occur in swimming pools. Scale. Etching. Cloudy water. Scum lines on tile. Green pools. Metal stains. Algae. The list goes on and on. You may not have noticed, but most of those issues boil down to one of the four pillars, or a combination of them.

Orenda offers an education on why these problems happen in the first place. Then, a procedure aimed at addressing the root causes. Reacting to problems and their symptoms is always more costly than being proactive.

No chemical conflicts or harmful, long-term byproducts left behind

This is the second half of Orenda’s philosophy. We call it “Papaw’s Law”. Harold Evans, owner and CEO of Orenda, has grandchildren who call him Papaw. And Papaw loves his grandchildren. The law is simple: if Papaw wouldn’t put it in a pool his grandchildren swim and play in, we shouldn’t either. What long-term byproducts are left behind with some of the chemicals we see in the pool business today? In your current procedures, which chemicals conflict with each other?

The Orenda program contains no chemical conflicts, and since they are all NSF-50 Certified chemicals, no harmful byproducts are left behind. Simple and safe.

Mastering water chemistry is quite a bit easier than it seems. With tools like the Free Orenda App, anyone is capable of figuring out how to balance a pool according to the LSI, and dose chemicals properly. By being proactive and addressing the root cause of problems, you can prevent issues before they start. And it’s always better to be proactive than reactive.

Orenda is educating the public on topics that rarely get explained in simple terms. Textbooks are difficult, and the chemistry can be complex. Why not distill that information? Whether it’s a calcium-rich startup procedure that prevents plaster dust, or a green pool cleanup that works long term without using algaecide, Orenda’s education and procedures will continue to help the industry grow and improve.

— Eric Knight of Orenda Technologies