Island Stone

By Paul Sepulveda

Island Stone was founded in Bali over twenty years ago, with the creation of the original mesh-backed pebble tile #1. Since those early beginnings, we have held the highest quality standard in the industry we created. Each of our tiles is meticulously assembled by hand, with a goal of bringing you the best product possible.

Our design inspiration comes from the beautiful lines and characteristics we see in nature. Transforming pools and outdoor living spaces by enhancing the interaction between sun, water, and landscape. Our vision and inspiration continues to evolve as we introduce new formats in stone, glass, wood and more, enabling you to stay at the forefront of contemporary design.

Our focus is on the highly imaginative, the unique and the premium. We center our portfolio on the things that matter most to you. Blending creativity and practicality to bring you the most sought-after natural materials – hand selected pebbles and a range of outstanding marble, slate, sandstone, and quartzite, in various unique and eye-catching formats.

Once our products are installed, there is no doubt of their superior design and manufacture. Our close fitted pebbles and stone pieces, together with high-caliber tile-to-tile interlocking, ensure a consistent look and a natural feeling of movement that will transform any environment.

At Island Stone, we do things differently from many of our competitor brands and companies. The reason is simple.. there is no other way to make the most exciting tiles and claddings in the world.

— Paul Sepulveda of Island Stone