About Basecrete

By Vito Mariano

Basecrete engineers and manufactures proprietary products for the pool, spa, and construction industry. Our products are at the forefront for waterproofing, repairing, protecting, and restoring. We are based in the U.S. and do all our product development and manufacturing in the U.S.

We know first-hand the global problems that the industry faces. From delamination and efflorescence to cracks and spalling, Basecrete creates products that help eliminate and reduce common problems faced by applicators and engineers. Basecrete products are ideal for all water containment vessels, commercial spaces, and infrastructure. Basically, we’ve got you covered.

Our philosophy is strength through simplicity. One of our products that prove our philosophy is Basecrete Flexible Waterproofing and Bondcoat. This industry favorite works as both the waterproofing and bondcoat, mixes with just our liquid and powder, and applies in two steps. Continuing with the Basecrete philosophy of simplicity, after extensive third-party testing Premix Marbletite now offers a system warranty with Basecrete.

Basecrete also believes in creating eco-friendly products. We meet U.S., Canadian, and European standards. In fact, we’re so non-toxic, aquariums that treat and rescue endangered sea creatures such as the sea turtle use Basecrete. But we’re also strong enough for the demands of hard-core engineering needs such as the Woolworth Building renovation in New York City and the Hard Rock Hollywood’s guitar shaped hotel in Tampa, Florida.

With all this awesomeness, our old space couldn’t contain us. We just expanded to a larger manufacturing facility. And Basecrete continues its commitment to eco-friendly solutions for global industry problems with pioneering products that waterproof, repair, protect, and restore.

— Vito Mariano of Basecrete