Building a Unique Brand Voice Through Video

By Caleb Johansen

People often ask me how to get started doing video for their brand. As I’ll discuss in this article, there isn’t one silver bullet approach to making an amazing video. It’s all about finding what makes you and your business unique. Here are three things to consider as you begin to explore video to tell your story.

Go to the source

Often, when it comes to video, we think we should focus all of our energy on showcasing the final product. Given the nature of marketing trends on social media, audiences are increasingly interested in hearing more about where the product originates than seeing the final offering. For pool designers this can a bit abstract since most pool designs originate inside the minds of the designer. In the Lorax Design Group video, Kurt and myself discussed starting at the foundation of their business model: the culture. We emphasized the individual talents and personal traits that each team member brings to the table to make Lorax not only a strong brand but also an amazing business overall. Audiences wanted to hear these things. Anyone can show a beautiful final product. It’s the story of the designers brain, the heartfelt customer service approach or the unique products that are being used that truly create a dynamic experience for the viewer.

Share your voice

It’s common knowledge that showing the faces of an organization automatically makes the company feel more relatable. In video, the same techniques apply but in more well rounded ways. Not only does your audience need to SEE you but they should also hear you. Consider recording your own voice over or approaching your video with an interview as the foundation. When your potential customers can come into the transaction with some type of personal connection to you, they are already motivated to engage and move forward trusting you to help them make the decisions for whats best. Whether you’re designing their pool, executing the build or simply consulting on the project, establishing an air of authenticity in the early stages will infuse confidence in your abilities for those around you.

Be authentic

Not every business is created equal and therefore, not every video style works for every company. The most important part when you’re approaching video is to make sure that you are showing your true self. If you like a clean, modern aesthetic then maybe you want to consider something that has a more minimalistic feel. If you feel motivated to show the quirky side of your team then rewrite the lyrics to one of your favorite songs to share your company’s vision. However you decide to approach things, just keep in mind that your audience WILL respond to your authenticity. So cut out any voice in your head that are telling you that you have to do video in any certain way and just begin from a place of authenticity.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no one way to produce video. All of the tips in this article come into play throughout this process. With all the benefits of video that I’ve mentioned in my previous article for Tributary Revelation, building your brand voice through video is just about being yourself and getting started.

Think about the most common problems that occur in swimming pools. Scale. Etching. Cloudy water. Scum lines on tile. Green pools. Metal stains. Algae. The list goes on and on. You may not have noticed, but most of those issues boil down to one of the four pillars, or a combination of them.

I am always available to help assist in any way that I can. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

— Caleb Johansen of nufolk