“The essence of Art is expressing oneself” – As Landscape Architect’s and Pool Designer’s we always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We identify their personality and the essence of their personal tastes to create a design. Considering their perspective sparks the art process. This begins the design itself, and brings it to life. The landscape becomes our canvas, where we consider all the elements we must utilize, and begin to add in the unique layers to grow into the outdoor art we are creating. This begins the plan of blending our client’s vision, and ours to life.

Within art, there is a wonderful duality of architectural designs- in fact, there is a true science. Designing on a creative level isn’t enough to sustain an actual build, or plan. This is when we must apply the science of engineering to make the plan a reality. Considering the structure, the “how-to” and the science behind the design is what allows us to create both a functional and beautiful environment.

Architecture influences our everyday life. It is the combination of art and science, that has shaped our history throughout time. Over the decades, the changes in linear forms and geometric patterns have advanced along with the revolution of our cultures. The impact of a perpetual transitioning of our civilization has created depth and variance to the art, the science and our perceptions of it. The defining aspect of the architectural process can be found in the collaboration of applying these design elements, along with the step by step process that brings the concepts to life. Utilizing multiple layers of education, creativity and balancing these contrasting concepts is what makes the work both science and art. The key to a successful environment that displays an individual flair, and seamless operation is the balanced integration of these as a partnership.