The Power of Collaboration

By Gordon Berry

As if arising from some external creative impulse, Tributary Revelation (TR) has opened our mind, ears, and hearts to the power of collaboration.

Collaboration can be defined as two completely opposing objectives:

The act of working with someone to produce or create something.


Traitorous cooperation with the enemy.

Fortunately, for us, we have experienced nothing but positive influence and growth in our business(s) by trusting in collaboration as a sharpening tool for our craft and passion of creating world class environments and spaces. TR is passionate in creating a platform for all members, sponsors, etc. to collaborate and create a network of industry leaders who support each other and genuinely care about the successes of both the products and people who create them.

All too often, business owners take the second mindset when it comes to collaborating with the opposing team. I believe this is derived from a sense of insecurity, competitive spirit of winning, and fear of trusting your trade secrets with competitors within your space and in your market.

There are numerous examples, however of industry giants that have moved passed this fear and understood the power of not only how co-branding can strengthen their brands, but also reinvent the arena of each of their respective markets.

For example

Go Pro + Red Bull:

GoPro doesn’t just sell portable cameras, and Red Bull doesn’t just sell energy drinks. Both of these companies, however, are synonymous with action-packed sports, extreme action and fearless adventure.  This collaboration enables both companies to achieve quicker, symbiotic growth in their respective arena.

Nike + Apple

These two giants have been working together since the first iPods were released.  It’s a genius co-branding move that helps both companies provide a better experience to its customers by making it easy for athletes to track while they play.

Joining Tributary Revelation has created this Co-branding opportunity for us. We have direct access to the best products and suppliers in our industry, as well as, the knowledge and creativity of our industries top builders. Tributary Revelation allows members to be part of a sounding board where competitors push each other to be better, raise the bar in an industry where subpar work is not only the norm, but unfortunately become acceptable. It has allowed us to brainstorm on building techniques, products, designs, software’s, business management, etc. with the best in the biz. We have made a conscious effort to apply TR motto of “collaboration over competition,” to better our projects for ourselves, our industry, and our clients. In short, this collaboration has created a natural byproduct called innovation and we are excited to keep learning and being a part of such a positive movement.

-- Gordan Berry / Liquid Evolution Pools