“Pooling” Expertise for Shared Success

by Curt Rapp

When it comes to being successful in business, leveraging the expertise of your business partners and associates can make everyone’s job easier and create stronger end results. That’s how it works for glass mosaic tile installation contractor Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile, Inc. and The Tile Doctor. Reed, who is based in Southern California and has been installing glass mosaic tiles for more than 35 years, has designed high end pool, spa and water feature installations for some of the country’s most influential residents.

Reed first learned about Litokol® products, a premier line of tile setting and grouting products, a couple of years ago when has was introduced to the brand via a trusted vendor who had been successfully selling Litokol for some of his most demanding projects. Shortly thereafter, Reed met Curt Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor, a provider of high-performance and eco-oriented solutions for the tile industry, and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol products.

Reed decided to test Litokol products on one of his smaller projects and has never looked back. He installs 15-20 all glass tile pools each year, so having the right products – and a supplier who can deliver a high level of personal service – is crucial.

“I like Litokol products because of the flexibility of the material, as well as the bond strength and cure time,” says Reed. “With the LitoElastic adhesive, the cure time is just seven days as opposed to 21 to 28 days for a traditional cementitious thinset. Similarly, Litokol Starlike grout requires only five days to cure compared to 21 to 28 days for traditional cementitious grouting materials. That helps when a homeowner is concerned about an upcoming party, which somehow always seems to be the case.”

Even more important, according to Reed, is the fact that the Litokol system is non-reactive to water. “You don’t experience the common issues of calcification or efflorescence, which is of utmost importance.”

While Reed appreciates Litokol products, he equally values his collaboration with Rapp and The Tile Doctor, with whom he has worked for the past year-and-a-half. Adds Reed, “Curt and his team have been a great resource for information and have helped move things along when it comes to ordering product and getting help or getting questions answered. Great service can never be taken for granted, and with The Tile Doctor, we have another partner we can truly rely upon. It’s good to have that kind of team in our arsenal.”

— Curt Rapp of The Tile Doctor