What it Takes to Support Our Pool Habit

By Wet Edge Technologies

At its very core, WET EDGE TECHNOLOGIES is a mining company. We search the world for materials that can be used in the swimming pool industry and find ways to environmentally and economically bring them to the marketplace. Swimming pools require very specialized material, both in size and physical properties. A pool has very specific design requirements and is a very harsh environment due to the chemicals and constant exposure to the elements.

One of our biggest challenges is finding a use for everything that is sourced from the ground or gleaned from the beaches and rivers we mine. Often only 15 to 20 percent of the material we mine meets our high standards for use in swimming pools. Your pool finish would cost much more if we could not find uses for the remaining 80 percent.

The challenge is to find economically viable uses for every material we mine, rather than consider it as waste and simply pile it up, as many in the industry have done. We are constantly developing markets and uses for many products outside the pool industry. Some of the industries that help to consume the by-products are flooring, packaged concrete, filter media, landscaping and petro-chemical. Fortunately, we have been able to find a balance among these industries to support our pool habit. To learn more about our operation watch our video Zero Waste Pebble Product video.