Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile talks his waterproofing method, products and his top 3 MUST Dos’ to solutions and success!

There are many discussions on the perils of waterproofing gone wrong, the complications the process can lead to and the liabilities that can spell disaster. I have devised my own personal process that I have tested in the field for many years. I stand by my method of solidity, and will be sharing my exact steps with you. No design is ever exactly alike, so every method used must be custom fit to the individual elements of each watershape. I speak to you today to provide the necessary tools on finding your method, the steps to my exact process, and hope to implement the means to tailor your method that will exceed your client’s expectations and give you that competitive edge.


1. DO YOUR RESEARCH Homework isn’t just for kids! Carving time out of your busy schedule is complicated, yet it will pay off in the end. Setting aside the time it takes to read up on other’s advice, approved methods, tested products, failures and success will prepare you in understanding what you are working with. Read, read and read some more! You can never learn enough about a process that is new and ever changing. Diligent research is a vital part of understanding what you are dealing with to avoid expensive mistakes

2. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS Do not stray from the well devised plan! There is a method to the madness, it’s been well thought out and planned, for a very good reason! It works! If you stray from the path, or veer off course, tweak even one tiny direction – your work is no longer guaranteed! Any failures that come about as a result- it’s on you to fix it when you have not followed the directions down to a T! Warranty is a great back up tool, and is a reliable source…when you have applied properly, as directed by the specific product you are using! Do not skip a step! This process is proven to work and it will; stay on the exact course.

3. TALK TO YOUR PRODUCT REPRESENTATIVES Get involved! Ask questions! After you have done your research, take notes and devise a list of questions to ask the product developers directly. Testing the products helps you understand what you are working with, and who better to walk you through it than the source itself! The manufacturers have guidelines to follow, learn them directly. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get to know these people and their products. A face to face meeting with hands on training is going to be more beneficial to your technique than attempting to learn the ups and downs on your own!

Here is a quick overview on MY go-to process. If you have questions, contact LATICRETE Team- as they are always available to help! I always start with a clean shell of new concrete- this is an important beginning step, as tile pools can be very tedious and require a solid waterproofing product over the concrete shell. If you choose to mix products- ensure that they are 100% compatible. Most products will not work together, and if doing so-they will cancel each other out if a warranty need arises. So back to Key #1- Do your research! I work with a product that works together with the Laticrete system. Certified applicators are the only way to secure your process is 100%

STEP 1. Aquron CPSP

Aquron® CPSP Concrete Pool Shell Protector™ is a non-hazardous, user friendly, permanent, clear treatment/preservative sealant solution for new or old concrete installations that includes a highly reactive catalytic agent in waterborne proprietary colloidal silicate base that produces a silica-hydro gel below the surface and inside concrete’s matrix that will seal the matrix and significantly preserve its imbedded steel.

STEP 2. Slurry coat of Laticrete 254 Platinum Thinset

STEP 3. Scratch and brown coat of Laticrete 3701 Fortified Mortar

STEP 4. (with additional slurry coat of Laticrete 254 Platinum Thinset in between the scratch and brown if necessary)

STEP 5. Laticrete Hydro Ban waterproof/antifracture membrane

STEP 6. Tile installation with Laticrete 254 Platinum Thinset or Laicrete Latapoxy 300 Adhesive

STEP 7. Grout with Laticrete Permacolor, Permacolor Select or Spectra Lock epoxy grout

My experiences with the Laticrete system have always been stellar, yet, It’s the relationship they provide to you and your work that excels their products in my mind. They want you to be successful! Their reps are always readily available to walk you through any questions you might have. They will be there during your installation process and guide you to learn all you can about each product. That is what has attracted me to them- their above and beyond commitment to a productive relationship, that only guarantees your success. Working with a team, and a product that provides a certainty, a trust that allows you to be creative, enjoy your work and offer rock solid assurances to your clientele.

Jimmy Reed


Rock Solid Tile