Recap June Tour -Oceanside, CA

June was a fantastic month filled with many surprises;

(Team Tributary even did an excellent job of keeping a secret for a few days- so that a Member could propose to his longtime love on the beaches of Cali!)

The fun in the sun ignited a meeting of the minds and set ablaze a brand-new passion for The Revelation! Taking our tour to Southern California, where we spent a few days Oceanside… what a memorable experience it was! Not only did some of our Tributary Members get to see the Pacific Ocean for the 1st time; we also were able to meet the entire OGT team and see firsthand the Oceanside process from A to Z! There is something truly unique about having a hands-on experience with a product- especially one that is made with love and respect! The product no longer is just a sample on your material table, it takes on a life, and begins to have a back story, a personality, and your personal bond with the product begins to form. This is exactly what happened during our time on the West Coast! From freshly made churros in Tijuana, to the art projects in Oceanside’s headquarters, to the bus rides filled with tall tales and adventures- we can confidently say that this tour was a stellar success! Tributary Revelation expresses our utmost gratitude to the entire Oceanside Team for hosting our group on a fun filled journey that has bonded our teams forever! In between all the laughter, and the beautiful sunsets, we can come away from this Tour with a newfound inspiration for the infinite possibilities of the color wheel and recycled glass we can offer to our clients!

What we ultimately learned during this tour; is that Oceanside Glass Tile is a team that truly works together, has a blast and genuinely cares about every single player on the team from the bottom to the top- everyone is family! That type of leadership and motivation is what sets them apart and continues to drive their success. We are thankful to blend our passion for this industry with their enthusiasm, and very eager for our future! We are ready to compete in the OGT Olympics with an all-star basketball team and there is no question that this trip has left the entire Revelation En Fuego!


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