Bob Roman and the Fire by Design team were featured on a recent episode of “TANKED” on Animal Planet! The stars of TANKED and Acrylic Tank Manufacturers went head to head to create extreme ponds with special effects and custom designed fire features by the one of a kind, Fire by Design! The pond off heats up as Wayde drops into the Las Vegas warehouse to see what the team can cook up for his pond!

Check out the full episode on Animal Planet- Season 10, Episode 10 “Extreme Pond Off!” and catch a cameo with creator and owner, Bob Roman! Thanks for sharing Wayde and Brett! Bob Roman takes us behind the scenes and shares this unique new creation t

o light up your outdoor landscapes and blaze a trail of the newest, hottest trends for your luxury living.

The team at Fire by Design created a custom burst flame sequence that they placed inside a Dodo bird for Wayde’s Extreme Pond. This sparked an exciting feature that can be used in a large variety of designs! The Fire by Design team is available to discuss custom features and any install assistance. Contact the team today and get ready to start playing with fire!

– Power Source: 24 vac
– Type of Ignition: 24 vac Hot Surface Igniter
– Inlet / Outlet Size: 3/8” FIP
– Gas Type: Natural Gas or LP
– Gas Pressure: 7” W.C. (NG) / 11” W.C. (LP)
– Gas Output without Burst: 25K Btu/hr
– Gas Output with Burst: 125K Btu/hr
– Burst Sequence: Random short and long

The flaming inferno of new products from Bob Roman and his team doesn’t stop there! He shares with us an exclusive inside look at this scorching battery operated system that can withstand wind, water and brings you an easy to use feature to light up your environment! Check out what’s under the hood of this one of a kind system.

– Power Source: 3 AA Batteries
– Battery Holder Spec: IP68 / Waterproof to 3m depth
– Total On/Off Cycles Expected: 1200 plus
– Gas Type: Natural Gas or LP
– Gas Pressure: 7” W.C. (NG) / 11” W.C. (LP)
– Maximum Gas Output: 290K Btu/hr
– Type of Ignition: Direct Spark
– Average Time to Ignition: 2 seconds
– Main Valve Type: Millivolt
– Primary Power Source during Operation: Pilot Generator