“The best part about this project was how everything came together, we learned so much from working as a team- and really put our best effort into this, so that each piece of the puzzle came together to create the vision perfectly! Working as a team was such an amazing experience- from our demanding work to dealing with climate changes, to bringing together this talented team so that everyone could exceed the client’s expectations, to enjoying the time we were able to spend together!”

The Spa was a customized design- created specifically for the client based on his height- we created reclined seats for comfort to include a sloped back to hold you into the seats and maximize the therapy jets. The Hydraulics required to create this customized design was nothing short of genius! We tapped into Jeromey Naugle of Premier Paradise for his expert advice! The Perimeter overflow spa has over 32 jets and required a gravity fed line to create an effortless hydraulic system. Justin Bowie of J.Max Plumbing based in Arizona was called in to work his magic and create two surge tanks that we concealed under the bar area in the equipment room. Steve Edwards of Edwards Pool Construction, based in Kansas City came in to assist on the forming. This Hydraulic team was hard at work to create the customized specifics, along with a unique design quality to hide all the fittings and not to disturb the look of the mosaic tile.

Kraisinger and I started this project with customized elements from the beginning! We flew out to California to create a custom gradient blend with Oceanside Glass Tile for all the glass tile needs. This Gradient blend is a superb fit for the changing atmosphere of the Grand Ole’Lake- creating different hues as the sky changes. Luke and Amy Denny of Alpentile, who are true artists; always create a finished product that never fails to make the work look like a Rockstar! Their attention to detail is on an artistic level that is truly magnificent! The finishing touches added by Pebble Tec to create a Midnight Blue to match the watercolors of the Lake, and accessorized by Ledge Loungers is what truly brought this project together to create a mastermind of products and artists. We are extremely proud of this project and it has amplified our continued motivation to create as a team. Bringing together talents across the country has been an unforgettable experience! There truly is no off season when you can control your climate and work within any element to bring to life a master design! Traveling to build projects and work with many different artists will always present its own set of obstacles- and these are exactly the type of challenges that I enjoy most to rise to the occasion! This Dream Team created a stunning project and made the work fun & exciting! Thanks to everyone involved!

Chris Fogleman of Thrasher Pools and Spas worked as the Lead Contractor on this amazing Master Plan

Design by Kurt Kraisinger of Lorax Design Group.“We were very lucky to be a part of this project and work with such talented designers and builders in such a beautiful place. Plumbing and hydraulics were a big focus in this build and it was built without compromise. Because of that, you would never know that just under your feet so much is happening to make these beautiful vanishing edges flow with ease “ – Justin Bowie of JMax Plumbing