Glass tile. The mere mention during conceptual meetings / presentations with clients almost always illicits an excited response as they have usually seen the material in other context and the thought of use in their yard where peaks interest. As a designer I gravitate towards more natural or “raw” materials: concrete, steel, stone, wood and glass. Of these materials , glass tile gives the most flexibility in stepping away from the natural earthtones and muted colors the other materials typically present. Its also timeless. It gives us the opportunity to add color and life if we deem marco-perella-2-marco-design-group-tributary-revelationnecessary but with a material thats still so pure. Like the water it works so well with. The top glass creators today are making my job way more difficult with all the colors, blends, surface treatments and size formats they are coming up with. Its great to see that industry running with it. Restraint is often a word I repeat to myself when specifying and selecting glass tile as it sure is easy to overdo or get to excited and try and force something. Continuity is another. Its nice to pull into a backsplash of the outdoor kitchen even if just doing a waterline application. For me, a project is the some of its details and no detail is too small. Glass tile gives us unlimited flexibility to really design for fine handcrafted details. The smaller formats are attractive for finer detail. Artisan installers like Alpentile and Rock Solid Tile have made tile install an art form and designers look like Gods. When a client senses and sees the excitement surrounding the level of detail involved i often see them get that pride of ownership glow. Up here in Northern California where we are faced with water restrictions from the drought the last few years, most new pools are designed for water conservation with covers. Somewhat limiting design options! marco-perella-3-marco-design-group-tributary-revelationWater walls are a great option to dress up the rectangular shapes and glass tile gives us the opportunity to take something as simple as that to another level where its so much more than just about the water. The glass tile surface finish, texture ,coatings options have allowed us to make a simple shape mesmerizing stand alone. The glass tiles exposure to light at different times is well planned to take advantage of the constant changes throughout the day and lighting it at night also carefully calculated. Glass affords us the opportunity to create surfaces in or out of water that constantly change. Its characteristics let us stand in one spot looking at a serpentine edge application and see ten different things going on before the sun or we move. Of all the materials we get to play with, glass tile wins hands down as the most flexible and exciting option.

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