In the words of John Donne, “No man is an island.” I spent many years pretending to be an island, carving out my path as a landscape architect and slowly accumulating hard-earned knowledge. If my 21+ years as a landscape architect have taught me anything, they have made me realize the value of camaraderie and collaboration. I came to understand how nothing can replace experience–ultimately, this is Tributary Revelation’s stance, as well. We intend to combine the cumulative years of experience of industry professionals into one place. When I first connected with Shane LeBlanc and Jeromey Naugle, I was incredulous that I had not begun these friendships sooner! I now had fellow professionals to call for insight. With our varying backgrounds, their different perspectives gave me new ways to tackle projects and I saw first-hand how the quality of our projects were strengthened in the process. Repeatedly, I observed our inter-connectedness in the industry. Design can’t thrive without quality construction. Construction can’t thrive without amazing trades. Trades can’t thrive without phenomenal designs. You can’t have one without the other and the reality in life and in work is that we depend on each other. Tributary is interested in replacing the industry “dog-eat-dog” motto with a “Let’s do this TOGETHER!” attitude. We know who you are because in this process, we’ve learned who we are. We know that your experience will help others. We know that your perspective brings value. Join us.  Let us know what else you may require from us.