Noun, plural minutiae

[mi-noo-shee-ee, -nyoo-]

1. Usually, minutiae. precise details; small or trifling matters: the minutiae of his craft.

Taking time to perfect the details is what separates you from the rest of your industry professionals. It is what allows you to charge more for your services as a General Contractor. Not because you understand how to build high end projects, rather because you spend countless hours running through details on plans. Then, you dream about those details, wake up at 2 a.m., and expand on those details to make them better! Then, you are perfecting those details with trades on site, and all while making it look like you were born for this! That is why you can charge more for the service you provide, because you bring the most technical details to life all while making it look effortless. You are a rare breed, and that is what an elite clientele desire.

There is a theme this month, and if you can’t tell we will be talking all about the details. Incredible architects and contractors have shared their stories and experiences regarding the importance of delivering their customers a product that is unparalleled in design and development. Architects are the future of the outdoor experience and we must embrace this. They will continue to push the limits of what we think are possible, which will in turn keep you viable in the high-end markets. The consistent effort to go beyond what is expected, to exceed the norm, and to begin a blend of all jeromey-naugle-headshot-benjamin-and-me-tributary-revelationaspects in outdoor spaces is the ultimate goal.

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Jeromey Naugle, SWD Registered