John Lautner is one of our biggest inspirations in the Architecture field. We feel very connected to his teachings and styles, and utilize his design techniques in our build. Taking the leap into the unknown of building outdoor living spaces that are unique and outside of the box has pushed us in many directions to excel in ways we never imagined. Not many contractors, designer’s or architect’s will take on a Lautner edge pool design for its difficulty and time consuming fine points. We encourage our team, and all of you, to push yourself in your designs. Study those who inspire you, and apply their techniques to your work. Failures mean success, and it is a great benefit to learn the ways you fail, and succeed, from 1st hand experience. Always try what makes you uncomfortable. Try harder if you are not sure you can accomplish the task.


John Lautner was so true to his challenging style, that when the materials didn’t encompass his ideas- he set forth to raise the bar and create what was lacking. Lautner provides significant inspiration for the entire industry. He was a pioneer in the field, and created architectural possibilities of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, glue-laminated plywood beams, steel beams, sheeting and shaped concrete forms. His ongoing expansion of the technical and spatial terms, has influenced our vocabulary greatly. As no Lautner design is similar, he did enjoy a personal flair of motifs throughout his designs. It was his ambition to try the unthinkable that we are giving our homage to John today. Although it wasn’t just his designs that were “out of the ordinary”, but his use of materials to create them.



Lautner’s approach to his designs was greatly influenced by his mentor; Frank Lloyd Wright. Both philosophies of these impressive architects were to see the big picture- a “total concept”. We identify with this greatly, as blending our philosophies together to create rare infusions of our individual styles is what has forged Tributary Revelation to be born. We don’t just see the Watershape, the land or even the home itself (and the people in it) as separate entities, rather as 1 large puzzle we must connect the pieces together. An outdoor living environment is reflective of the person who will be living in it, and must blend in the surrounding spaces, to create the “total concept” these respected architects stood behind. John Lautner has been quoted, and spoken on many occasions on his belief in keeping the design organic. He encouraged feelings, emotions and personality into designing a space.

Our focus is to blend the personality of the client, along with touches of our own into what we are creating. Staying adaptable to the space itself, and the flow of the land you are creating on, is a direct inspiration from Lautner. His ability to “exist in the continuous present” is what enabled his design’s to be on the cutting edge of outdoor spaces, even relevant in today’s changing world. Taking on a space that was difficult, or proved to be problematic for most, he exceled in this approach, and set himself in a class above the rest for overcoming these challenges. We take great inspiration from this philosophy, in that no space is unmanageable, and every space has the perfect fit- you just may need to look at it from a different angle!

Tributary Revelation