Jimmy Reed, President of Rock Solid Tile, Inc. is world renowned glass mosaic installation contractor specializing in glass mosaic tile installations, all glass tile luxury pools, spas and watershapes. The son of a businessman and artist Jimmy developed a unique set of skills that helped cultivate his talents and build his business. He fell in love with the work at the age of 12, working for his neighbor during breaks from school. Now the president of Rock Solid Tile, some of the same men he learned from are working for him. It gives him the confidence to know that he is working with top designers, architects and contractors who appreciate quality, details, and design, they have excelled in this important aspect of the luxury home jimmy-reed-3-rock-solid-tile-inc-tributary-revelationbuilding industry. He’s earned the reputation of being among the elite in his industry by acting on his desire to turn ordinary residential spaces into extraordinary watershapes and outdoor living environments.

Currently, Jimmy is working on his biggest project ever undertaken. It started back in June of 2016 In Palm Desert, California and is scheduled to be finished at the end of March 2017. The budget for this project reaches into the millions due to the extensive jimmy-reed-4-rock-solid-tile-inc-tributary-revelationuse of Bisazza tile. Aside from the shear scale, this project presented several challenges including countless angles, some sharp and some radius, and every edge consisting of perimeter overflow or infinity edges. In addition, a majority of the vessels are over living and garage spaces so waterproofing is of the utmost importance.

His recommendation for a successful installation comes down to precise planning, taking careful consideration of all the structural designs, movement joints, load stresses, and waterproofing needs. Having a finish schedule from the Landscape.