randy-angell-2-randy-angell-designs-tributary-revelationMaterial selection day is one of my favorite days, in the pool design/build process. This is often one of the first opportunities to take the intangible vision and reveal it in a tangible fashion for the client. Like many designers, I am inspired by the wealth of seemingly unlimited possibility that glass tile affords us. Whether the aesthetic of the project is a classic formal, a rustic natural, or a sleek modern, glass tile can fit the bill.randy-angell-3-randy-angell-designs-tributary-revelation

In a more classic formal concept, I am likely to lean toward a square mosaic in shades of blue, or possibly a Greek key or variation of such, that speaks to the formality of the project.

Since not every client has the budget for an all-tile pool, I may focus on a few key areas, such as a raised wall or the wetdeck, to create something special. I like to consider the wetdeck as the floor in a room, and design an “area rug” done in glass tile. This could be as simple as creating a border, using a 6” band of glass tile, or as complex as creating a custom mosaic pattern for a complete decorative surface.

The modern aesthetic is certainly the one that speaks to me personally, and as such, I have a lot of fun in this design style. Within this aesthetic, I work within a generally simple, calm palette, but love to bring in a pop of color or sparkle to generate a bit of energy, and create a striking focal point. On these projects, I generally shy away from the high contrast mosaics that are common, in favor of a more subtle, tone on tone concept. This allows you to bring in that pop of color, without interrupting the clean serenity of the design. Think about jewelry on a woman – her earrings and necklace are not meant to be the focal point. They are meant to frame the beauty of her face; to draw the eye to, but not distract from her beauty. This is similar to how I will often use glass tile in my pool designs. Glass tile may not always be the star of the show, but it can be crucial in drawing the eye to, and intensifying the beauty of the star.



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