Incredible iridescence, radiant reflections and magnificent mosaics define this material that we consistently apply in our WaterShapes. Yet, glass in itself does not belong anywhere around these types of extreme environments. Freeze/thaw, wet/dry and harsh water chemistry will destroy this material when not installed per the manufacturers specifications and in some instances the best install, per specification, in the world has the potential to have failures.

“Frankly, I don’t care because it is beautiful and I want it!” That is exactly what our clients say so we as WaterShapers happily oblige. Thankfully, we have professionals and manufactures that continually educate the industry and its clients towards pushing for the utmost integrity when using glass tile. From the design to the sale to the install, not a single scope of the process can be overlooked.

This issue is for the tile nerds, soon to be tile nerds and the I have no clue what I am selling or designing for my client nerds! We are all nerds when it comes to outdoor environments and it is Tributary Revelations’ mission to make sure we educate our members in every regard. This issue is just the beginning and what a way to start!jeromey-naugle-headshot-benjamin-and-me-tributary-revelation

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