Introducing our “Member of the Month” Benjamin Lasseter of Design Ecology!

Benjamin is our resident expert on meticulous edges and perfection to his craft!

Ben is the Director of Construction for Design Ecology, a landscape design and construction company based in Austin, Texas. Ben gained his knowledge in the field by working from the ground up- taking his experience from his years as a Superintendent on a resort golf course, to managing the construction division of a landscape architecture firm and combining this expertise to create lavish landscape real estates and luxury pools. Joining forces with his partner and fellow Tributary Revelation Member, Scott Cummings, to create their own firm and creating ground breaking designs from Vanishing Edge perfections to Lautner Knife Edges to astonishing landscape designs.

With recognition from local publications to world wide awards, Benjamin is well educated, beaming with creativity, skills and a unique approach to his design work. He attacks each project with precision, razor sharp skills, and a constant strive for perfection.

This one of a kind designer will get down in the muck and build side by side his skilled group of trade craftsmen to provide the hands-on approach that demands unparalleled attention to detail. Ben always brings his charming and wild personality to every Tributary event! His humor keeps us all in constant laughter, always to enjoy every moment around the Lasseter! A great friend to all in the Revelation- Ben is always around to lend a helping hand, and mentor throughout times of need, especially when it comes to that expert advice on building hydraulics and his specialty, the Knife Edge. Living in Austin, Texas Ben stays on the cutting edge of the trends and enjoys adventures with his Great Dane, Family and friends!

Take a look at his adventurous approach to luxury landscape art on his website or view his latest work on Instagram and Facebook!