Vito Mariano is Bascrete!

Basecrete is not just a phenomenal product that WORKS! Basecrete is a family who treats each and every customer, Pool Designer, Landscape Architect, Construction team and Craftsman as if they were a Member of their own family.

Have a question about the product? You can contact the owner and creator, Vito himself! He will speak to you directly and walk you through the correct application of this foolproof product.

What is Basecrete? This product is a problem solver! From suspended pools to any waterproofing challenge you are faced with. Pools are notorious for leakage, cracking, or an unplanned opening. Structures naturally move, weather can impact these structures and concrete can act as a sponge for the water. This cementitous waterproofing membrane and bondcoat- an all-in-one product that combines PSI, shear bond, tensile, adhesion, and flexibility to give your pool, and your work the reliability it deserves, and your customers expect.

Basecrete Technologies helps you to properly diagnose the true hidden issues that need to be addressed through a wide range of comprehensive tests carried out by qualified engineers using modern diagnostic equipment.

On-site visual inspection is available free of charge to all existing Basecrete customers! We are proud to call Vito, his amazing team and their product a Sponsor for The Revelation. Contact this team anytime for more information on Basecrete! Stay tuned for upcoming and exciting news from Tributary and Basecrete! Hands-on, in the field, real accounts, tests and much more!

It will never leak!

You can be sure that with this product, your project will NEVER leak!