Lounge IN Water IN Style with a Versatile Sectional

When it comes to relaxing outside and in style, there is no better way than on a Ledge Lounger!

Bringing you the perfect furniture & accessories to turn your outdoor space into luxurious outdoor living.

This summer, Ledge Loungers expands their seating with options for IN and OUT of the water with the modular Sectional.

This unique new product raises the bar of elegance to bring your outdoor environment on the edge of all the hottest
trends. Customize your Sectional to fit your space or your soiree. The Sectional is modular, complete with customization,
so there is no limit to the infinite arrangements you can create!

The Sectional consist of 4 pieces: Middles, Corners, Ottomans, and Tables, that connect via a snap in place interlocking system that makes it easy to arrange and rearrange as often as you’d like. Shop by piece or by arrangement. The new Sectional gives you an outdoor seating option to fit the sun or the shade of every day! Endless color combinations and cushions add to the comfort and sophistication of your
relaxation plan to stay poolside all summer long.

This sleek new Sectional isn’t only for out of water use. The Sectional is made for long lasting luxury and works IN the water up
to 10 inches. Mix and match and create your own unique outdoor leisure room.

Stay on top of the hottest NEW trend of the summer-the Sectional!

Ledge Lounger furniture is long lasting and always IN style! Connect TODAY with a Ledge Lounger representative to assist your
personalized needs and get your outdoor spaces dressed up for the summer sun!

All Ledge Lounger products are built to withstand sun, weather and chemicals of any aquatic environment.